Facilitating interactions and conversations between farmers and the manufacturers and products, brought about the idea of conducting an Agro Expo. It has proved to be a platform of congregation of the tilling hands and brilliant minds from the industry, who work together towards more sustainable and successful agriculture. After the significant success of Agrowon Agro Expo 2018 & 2019 held in Aurangabad, this year, we are back in the same city with a bigger and better Agrowon Agro Expo 2023. The exhibition will, therefore, be an eye opener for the growers, wholesalers, importers, exporters and all other stakeholders of every segment of agriculture and farm machinery, equipment and allied sectors who want to expand and diversify their business and activities. While there are unending benefits of being a part of Maharashtra’s biggest get-together of agriculture industry, here are the 5 biggest advantages why you should be there!


Sakal Agrowon Agro Expo 2023 will be a beginning to the greener & healthier farmiculture in maharashtra, We Focus on making tomorrow a better place for every Agri Stakeholders & budding Farmers who adopted latest technology and wish to go with the time ahead to be Global farmer of Maharashtra…

Sakal Agrowon Agro Expo Also featuring Young enthusiasts in Agriculture Technology with their Innovations in Agro Industry.


What you can Expect from Agrowon Agro Expo 2023

The 2023 edition of AGROWON AGRO EXPO, AURANGABAD in continued with yearly efforts of empowering sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, is set to deliver the largest gathering of Agricultural stakeholders from all over India. Aurangabad – Maharashtra being the hub of trade in India and one of fastest global emerging markets, has embarked on a highly focused agricultural transformation agenda, with a view to boosting agricultural productivity, value chain activities and other attendant benefits.