86 mm rain recorded at Visapur

Hailstorm and unseasonal rains have wreaked havoc in the Konkan and north-central areas of Maharashtra. The Department of Agriculture reported that heavy rains have lashed Konkan and north-central Maharashtra. Visapur in the Sangli district recorded a maximum rainfall of 86 mm; 82 mm fell in Wagdari in Solapur, 74 mm in Gorgawale in the Jalgaon district, 66 mm in Jalgaon, 66 mm in Pimpalgaon, and 61 mm Dattawad in the Kolhapur district. The weather department further reported that Mhasala in Konkan recorded a rainfall of 80 mm, while 62.7 mm was recorded in Alibag, 66 mm in Bhira, and 53.1 mm in Pune. Cotton, onion and corn crops that were ready for harvesting were heavily depleted. There were also heavy losses of crops like wheat, Bengal beans and sorghum from the Rabi season. Fruit crops including grapes, mangoes, pomegranates, bananas, papayas, jujube fruits (bor) etc. were peeled open because of the hailstorm and the heavy rain and gusty winds that accompanied it.


Forecast for rain and hailstorms today in Central Maharashtra and Marathwada

The weather conditions will remain unchanged till Monday (December 15), while hailstorms are likely on Sunday (December 14) in some regions of central Maharashtra and Marathwada. The forecast across the rest of the state is for thunderstorms.

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