Industrialist Satish Purandare has a sugar factory in Tanzania

Growing from the original sugar export business, Purandare became a professional consultant for sugar factories; and now, he is the owner of a sugar factory himself, and that too, overseas, in a country like Tanzania, Africa. Satish Purandare of Solapur has achieved his dream. Observing Purandare’s struggle, the Tanzanian government offered him financial assistance of 48 crores to construct a sugar factory. At present, construction work of the sugar factory is progressing fast, and the test run of the factory is expected to take place in December 2015.

This factory is being built under the auspices of Purandare Industries Pvt. Ltd. Satish Purandare is a history graduate, but he has taken this big step on the basis of 10-12 years’ experience in the sugar industry. In 2002, he first came into contact with Nature Care Fertilizer, a Vita-based company which specializes in organic farming. His focus of study was sugarcane planting technology and management. He entered the sugar export business in 2004 and remained active in this area till 2010.

Performance in Tanzania

  • Indian methods to be implemented in sugarcane planting, technology, management etc.
  • Entire construction of the factory designed according to Indian methods.
  • An Indian company in the sugar industry will construct the factory.
  • 187 employees needed; 50 officers and employees will be from India.
  • Farming opportunities made available to 1200 farmers in Pemba, 500 farm labourers to gain employment.
Solapur: Local industrialist Satish Purandare talking with Tanzanian vice president Dr. Idi.

Solapur: Local industrialist Satish Purandare talking with Tanzanian vice president Dr. Idi.

Light rain expected in the state
Drizzles in six districts

Pune (Reporter): There was light rain in central Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha after the evening of Tuesday (Dec. 30). The departments of weather and agriculture reported that Jalgaon, Nagar, Solapur and Sangli districts in central Maharashtra, Aurangabad district in Marathwada and Buldana district in Vidarbha experienced light rain.

“The construction of the sugar factory in Pemba will be complete in the next 10-12 months. There are no problems with the construction work. The government sanction and any other financial problems were handled by the government itself. The atmosphere there is similar to that of India, so there will not be any problems. We will operate the factory competently.”

– Satish Purandare, industrialist, Solapur

“There is a chance of light rain in the next 24 to 48 hours in central Maharashtra, including Pune, Vidarbha and Marathwada. The minimum temperature in the Bay of Bengal has increased because of low pressure areas formed over the south of Andhra Pradesh and the coastal region of Tamil Nadu. This situation will continue for the next two days.”

Dr. Medha Khole
Deputy Director General, (weather forecast) Indian Meteorological Department

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